The 42nd OVH MANASSAS HAMFEST will take place
on Sunday, June 19, 2016 for the 42nd time!

  • The 2016 Hamfest planning committee is actively working to make the 42nd OVH Manassas
        Hamfest better than ever! Terry / KC4DV is again serving Hamfest Committee Chairman.

  • Attendance has been up in recent years as has been the number of FleaMarket Tailgaters.

  • The commercial vendors all reported good sales activity and lots of interest.

  • Each Forum / Special Event Seminar was well attended - more will be held next year.

  • The Youth Lounge activity attracted more youngsters than last year, lot of learning fun.
        The co-sponsor, Prince William County 4-H's June 15th newsletter has additional infomation.

  • The VEC Exam program is very popular - many new Ham Licenses / Upgrades obtained.

  • Many attendees thanked the OVH, saying the Manassas Hamfest is one of best around!

  • The OVH has sponsored and put on the OVH Manassas Hamfest in June every year since 1974

  • The OVH Manassas Hamfest is expected again to attract several thousand visitors this year

  • The MANASSAS HAMFEST now has its own separate web site! Check it out!  But please
        note that that other web site is intended to complement this one which may have more detailed
        information in some respects. Be sure to review all information which is on this web page too.

  • You will be able to prepurchase General Admission tickets, Outdoor Tailgating tickets,
        Covered Pavillion Tailgating tickets and Indoor Table Flea Market tickets for the 2016 Hamfest
        via PayPal online at   before June 1st. Online admission ticket
        sales ended on June 1st, but tickets can, of course, still be purchased at the entrance gates.

  • Then come back here where there is more useful info, including about the Hamfest's sponsor.

  • VE Testing (FCC License Exams) at the 2016 Hamfest - Click here for full 2016 details!

  • PDF file of the 2016 OVH Manassas Hamfest Flyer

  • Click HERE to get customized Google Directions and a Map to the 2016 Hamfest location

  • Click HERE for a good aerial view image of the Hamfest site / location.

  • Some REASONS TO ATTEND the 2016 OVH Manassas Virginia Hamfest

  • Forums / Presentations: Please remember, information here is subject to further and
        last minute updating - be sure to check at the Manassas Hamfest Sponsor table at
        the Hamfest on June 19, 2016 for any last minute changes, including the location(s)
        where each forum / presentation is taking place. These will include the Virginia QSO
        Party Awards Ceremony at 9:00 am; Author, Craig Buck (K4IA) on Chasing and
        Confirming DX at 10:30 am; Keith Elkin (KB3TCB) on the Broadband HamNet
        MAIPN (MidAtlantic IP Network) System and related BBHN topics at 11:30 am; and
        Chris Woods conducting a Ham Radio - Patents - Q&A session at 1:30 pm.

  • A Youth Lounge with radio and science related demonstrations and projects, a place for
        youngsters to hang out, sponsored and staffed by Prince William County 4H Club and the
        Ole Virginia Hams has been very popular and well received during the last three
        Hamfests and will be run again during the 2016 Hamfest. This year (2016) the Youth Lounge
        will again include an operating HF/VHF station with a Special Event callsign ( N4H ) for use
        by the youngsters attending. The Youth Lounge event will again follow the ARRL's suggestions
        and guidelines for a Youth Lounge program of interest to youngsters. Also check out the ARRL's
        Brochure about "22 Things You Can Do With Amateur Radio" which attempts to explain
        Amateur Radio in a manner which will motivate and interest youth.

  • Prizes and Prize Drawings during the 2016 Hamfest. Winners at the hourly and the major prize
        drawings will have to be either physically present at the drawing location or close enough
        nearby to hear the announcement on the public address system, or listening and ready to
        communicate on 146.58 FM simplex frequency in order to win. If present nearby via radio
        (or within Public Address System hearing distance) when a prize is announced and you call in
        if you win, you will then have a few extra minutes to appear in person at the actual drawing
        location to claim your prize. Hourly prize drawings will begin at 9:00 am on each hour. The
        Major Prizes for 2016 will be: 1st prize - Kenwood TS-480SAT HF transceiver; 2nd prize -
        Yaesu FT-8900 VHF/UHF Transceiver; 3rd prize - Yaesu VX-3 Duoband VHF/UHF handheld
        transceiver; and 4th prize - an SDRplay device. It will also be possible again to purchase
        Extra Prize Chance Tickets in advance of the prize drawings at the Hamfest which will
        increase your chances of winning a major prize, but cannot be used for General Admission.

  • Hamfest Sponsor - Estate Sale Table - "For Sale" listing may be provided here in a PDF
        file a few days before the 2016 Hamfest. Be sure to stop by the table at the Hamfest;
        new items are always being added and last minute items at the table may not be listed.

  • Click HERE for a PDF file with several pages of pictures from recent OVH Manassas Hamfests

  • Click HERE for a listing of some of the places at or near the Manassas Hamfest to stay overnight.

  • Last revised: 20160524.